LVS Deployment

This page is just for promoting LVS usage. Here is a table of some LVS deployment that we know.

Site Description LVS Notes The Linux Portal LVS web cluster The largest open source development site LVS (load balancing HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, CVS). See this report The largest interface/themes site for the X Window System LVS web cluster UK National JANET Web Cache Service 40 Squid cache servers in three LVS clusters, ~900GB content shipped/day. More information The leading Open Source web application server web cluster, for more information Online mask museum An LVS cluster of four Pentium and Pentium II class computers. More information Free hosting for free software like sourceforge and savannah using LVS/heartbeat (2 load balancers failover and 8 real servers) for all the hosting services Largest web site community of people who care about the environment 6+ web servers and a single load balancer by Jeremy Brand. more information VA Linux Systems, Inc. LVS web cluster Real Networks, Inc. LVS media cluster (>20 nodes) A full service Internet Access and Presence Provider LVS web hosting cluster Leading manufacturer of air movement and control equipment LVS web cluster (5 node). Cliff Baeseman provides two pictures (1, 2) of the cluster An ICP that allows you to explore the Internet in the same way you explore a map LVS web cluster (6 nodes) by Brian Edmonds a big hardware review site two primary-backup load balancers and eleven web servers, more information The 3rd largest Portal Site in Austria with more than 500,000 visits per day LVS web cluster An virtual community website in United Kingdom and Germany LVS web cluster mybiz provides customer service and marketing tools that enable small businesses to build stronger and more profitable customer relationships. LVS cluster handling just about every public service, mainly web, plus back-end clusters for in-house daemons. managed by tc lewis
Undergraduate Compute Cluster Undergraduate Students in the Electronics and Computer Science Department at the University of Southampton (England) use it for compilation, and running software remotely It consists of 3 dual processor real servers and balances telnet and ssh connections. More information Online dating site An LVS cluster with 2 load balancers (VS/DR) and 10 real servers handles about 1.6-2 million hits per day. More information
Tiscali Group's massive web hosting services 4 LVS directors/load balancers: 1 for (+ 1 for fail over) and 1 for the 7 other domains (+ 1 for fail over), load balancing ~80+50Mb/s of HTTP and FTP Large shared hosting environment LVS web cluster with live fail-over Noguska web site and other web hostings 1 Director, 2 Realserver LVS-NAT cluster. It serves and about 7 other domains. More information One of the largest yellowpage site in Korea 1 director/load balancer(single Pentium3 SuseLinux 7.3) and 4+ FreeBSD 4.X web server cover about 12mil. hits/day static HTTP traffic by Direct Routing. Setup by SangSeok Park. (under consideration to increase director and realserver for performance and high-availability) Astrodienst Homepage One LVS director running in VS/NAT mode with four real servers. Setup by Alois Treindl. Music portal Site with soribada(famous mp3 p2p in Korea) in Korea One LVS director running in VS/DR mode with 6+ nodes of Windows 2000 servers, setup by Wonyoung Choi. PRIDE Industries - Creating jobs for people with disabilities. We host several websites which compliment the services we provide to our customers. Two Directors running LVS-NAT and Keepalived driving three Realservers. Everything is Linux and we are using FWMARKs for persistence port groupings. Setup by Richard L. Allbery.
University of Nottingham University of Nottingham Web Caching Service The Web Caching Service runs in a cluster of four Intel Pentium-based servers managed by two LVS directors. More information
BTexact Technologies BTexact Technologies is BT's advanced communication technologies business. Using the LVS/NAT clusters
Electronic Data Systems EDS is the leading global information technology (IT) services company Using an LVS/NAT cluster in Linux-based hosting environment for,,,,, etc. The cluster has two LVS directors and eight real servers.
ibiblio The public's library and digital archive The LVS cluster has redundant load balancers, 8 production nodes (real servers), and 1 development node. More information
CBN Well known established ISP In Indonesia LVS, DNS and Proxy Squid, balancer, cluster
Opus Technology Systems WTS cluster The WTS cluster offers Health Software for the Worcester County Health Department It's a win2k terminal server cluster using LVS/HA. More information
2Checkout, Inc. (2CO) is the online distribution center for over 300,000 tangible or digital products and services. LVS is used to load balance web servers. More information
Godado Godado is a pay-per-click italian search engine. An LVS cluster of 4 web servers is to feed partners' sites with contents.
Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry An eLearning poject at Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, Czech republic An LVS cluster consists of loadbalancer, five real servers, database server, data storage and development server.
Ruwaard van Putten Hospital Information systems at Ruwaard van Putten Hospital One 2-node LVS-DR cluster for 8 Windows Terminal Servers, and one 2-node LVS-NAT cluster for the hospital's own (12 servers) information system. Online gold trading platform Both and use LVS to load balance Tomcat, httpd and postfix servers.
Web site One of the largest computer manufacturing company Two LVS clusters for American and European operations

Note: This deployment information is summarized from many messages and web pages. If there is any mistake or incorrect information over time, or you don't want to show your site here, please let me know, I will fix or remove it. Thanks!

If you are happy with LVS and want to share with others how you have done a perfect job to use LVS, please write it in the LVS deployment at Knowledge Base yourself, or send me a message too, we can put yours here or in another separate page. :)